Aisle Bdellium Ctenoid

The alphabetical list on the left is modeled after the normal Abel, Baker, Charlie alphabet: however, in this list the pronunciation of each word sounds as if it does not contain the letter in question.

Ideally, each word would start with the corresponding letter (instead of just contain it). I have not yet been able to find such examples for F, N, R. (If you know of any, let me know!)

Clicking on the word will go to a dictionary entry, with pronunciation. If tool-tips are enabled, then hovering the mouse of the the words will show the pronunciation in IPA. (In Windows, to set the font for the tool-tips to a font that will display IPA, use Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Appearance > Item Box & Tool Tip > Font Box & choose the font. For more on fonts see Display Problems? Thanks to James Kass for the tip.)

Also see An Adults´ ABC, The Devil's Alphabet.